Mushroom Farming  
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   Mushroom Farming Training
Mushroom Farming in Kerala
Without proper training mushroom farming cannot be done easily we provide special mushroom farming training that enable you yield better mushrooms and sell it for better prices
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   Mushroom Suppliers
Mushroom Growing Supplies
We are one of the leading mushroom suppliers in Chennai, providing good support to your business in terms of taste and high quality mushrooms when compared to other mushroom suppliers
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   Dried Mushrooms
buy and sale dried mushrooms
Mushrooms can be used as both fresh as well as dried one, the purpose of drying this mushrooms is for the taste as well for preserving for longer period of time so that it can be used whenever needed
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   Mushroom Production
Mushroom Spawn Production
Most of the mushroom farmers do not know how to yield better mushroom production, we provide special training that makes you to produce high amount of mushrooms
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   Mushroom Spores
Mushrooms Spores for Sale
For any type of mushroom growing it requires mushroom spores, the mushroom spores are taken from their flower hence the demand of mushroom spores are very high in the market
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   Mushroom Kits
Mushroom Growing Kits
We also dealing with mushroom kits by using that you can cultivate it instantly in indoor patches as well as outdoor patches its depend upon variety of patch that your buying.
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    Mushroom Farms Chennai

  Mushroom farming is very simple and easy to develop in your existing place itself. In that Mushroom farming we require good direction and control. The Mushrooms are most useful for food. Mushrooms are grown on compost prepared by mixing paddy/wheat straw, wheat bran, chicken manure, wea gypsum. Its an indoor crop and outdoor crop with controlled conditions temperature and humidity.

It is a pure vegetarian. It is very rich in proteins, fibre it is very nutritious too. For these purposes these are now become popular. Therefore nowadays its market potential high. Since it plays an vital role in marketing we need to improve this cultivation more and more. The major problem jeer is lack of good quality spawn. So we prepare the spawn with the help of wheat grains. This increases the yield to a greater extent. As the demand of mushroom increases the price of mushroom also increases. This high price discourages the customer to buy. Mushroom is used as food as well as medicine. The mushrooms are very healthy for the people and they could get fresh ones from their indoor patches or outdoor patches. The mushroom requires the temperature that ranges between 14-18C and humidity of 85%. There are many types mushroom. Some of them are white button mushroom, black ear mushroom, oyiter mushroom, milky mushroom, giant mushroom, shitake.

In many of the mushroom farms a large quantity of mushroom are harvested daily. Because of this reason its marketing goes to be very fast. In preparation, it can be stored for about 12 hrs at room temperature and 2 to 3 days. It requires common facility of cold room and also a pre-cooling unit for increasing the quality of mushroom.

These are the cultivation, advantages and disadvantages of mushrooms. It is very good to health and also very easy to cultivation. Best food product indoor crop and outdoor crop so that the mushroom farmers are also increasing around the world wide and the main thing is trading are done in a very simple way through internet. Its also new type of business offer, you can also cultivate mushroom in indoor very easily
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